Bonus Episode 5 - This episode will give you Brain Damage

Happy last Saturday of May Beast Wars Fans!

Due to some unforeseen issues earlier this we weren't able to record as we normally do but fear not as Kendall decided to pull Greg, Jordan and Eric, host of Inside the Master's Studio together so we could review...Transformers: Dark of the Moon! 

This week we discuss: Did that happen during this movie?; Thankfully IMDB posts trivia in order of most interesting; We really condensed this down; "Everyone say one positive thing." "It took three movies but Optimus finally got his trailer."; Questions and Kendall puts a time limit on the news post :P 

Thank you again to Eric for joining us (we're so sorry you had to watch that!) and make sure to stay on the lookout for new episodes of Inside the Masters Studio ( on Audio Entropy! 

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