Episode 34 - When God closes a Transformers door he opens a Harry Potter window

Welcome to your Saturday Beast Wars Fans!

This week we welcome a new guest to the show, Trevor from They see me Rollin! So sit back and relax and listen to our soothing tones as we review Season 2 Episode 7 - Other Visits Part 2 (Not Other Voices).

This week we discuss: Shit...wrong episode; Colin Murdoch has done things!;  Woefully underwhelming for a Superweapon; It's your cousin...Jed! Two Dumbledooooors?; Sometimes the door wouldn't even be locked; Kendall wasn't paying attention this episode; Canned energon spam aka Mountain Dew; Return of the Dick Beak!; Get inside the metal gorilla, Shinji!; We get corrected for a Godzilla mistake; Questions!

A big thank you to Trevor for guesting on this episode! Please support Trevor (his beautiful voice) and his friends by listening to They see me Rollin! Find it on iTunes at https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/they-see-me-rollin/id1132657506?mt=2 and on their website http://www.crosstawk.com/newbusiness/category/they-see-me-rollin.

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