Bonus Episode 13 - Stir Whip Stir Whip

Happy Saturday folks! 

Did you think we were going to forget you during the holidays? No way was that going to happen. And with the time of year Kendall thought "What better gift for our listeners than something holiday themed AND nerdy to boot?". And that is how we went on the agonizing task of watching...THE STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL

This week we discuss: "The Star Wars special is a work of art." "It's something alright."; Were there supposed to be subtitles?; **DISCLAIMER** IF YOU HAPPEN TO WATCH THE STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL AS A RESULT OF LISTENING TO THIS PODCAST, WE'RE VERY, VERY SORRY; It's called visual storytelling; She did it by hand...solo; "That guy sucked." "He did suck." "Through his head."; Non-core; Why won't they leave?!; It looks like a hair dryer; Rebel propaganda cartoon; Newspost and questions

A big thank you to Cassie for guesting on this special ep! You can find her on twitter @DefinitelyExists

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