Episode 1 - Rattrap is an ass#@!%

Join our gallant crew as they take on the first episode of the series and have a time covering a lot of ground over the course of a little over 2 and a half hours. 

Some of the topics covered are: Well rendered gorilla butt, first episode hijinx, pg-13 swearing, Kendall reads stuff from IMDB, so many adjectives, laser disk titles are canon, skull-shaped clouds?, Cheetor is Goku, Who hates Reboot?!, Rattrap is an ass#$!#, Happy Anniversary Transformers: The Movie!, John always wanted to sing the Beast Wars theme, Made-up techno babble!, Reasonable panicing and our first yessssss, Hubris and greek mythology, Skulls confirmed!, Good will always win because evil is dumb, Second yessss, Energon: Mineral or something else?, Cybertronian to English, Cheetah related pun, Disney tangent, Maximal rollcall, Top ten podcast on Audio Entropy, Jurassic Park tie-in, Hey we figured out the MSRP!, 90's reminiscing, Batman is to twilight..., Transformer dental speculation, Leadership qualities, The go-to insult of 1996, Jordan questions Cybertronian security, Kendall's golden rocket, virtual boy vision, Rat riding a gorilla riding a rhino, Maximal-Predacon racial tensions, A lesson on quasars, Shiny armor, *cough*Cyclops*cough*, questions and more questions and bonus blooper at the end!