Episode 12 - It's like a Rhino Tricorder

Welcome to November Beast Wars fans! 

With the leaves changing we've made a little change that we hope you will notice and enjoy at the very beginning of this episode ;). This week we're reviewing Episode 12 - Victory! Or is it? If so, this podcast series has ended very abruptly. 

This week we discuss: Shakespeare in alien languages; Spoiler filled Japanese episode titles; Music major for a year *mic drop*; The Maximals aren't aware of how good the writing in this episode is; The Death Tally so far; Dinobot wanted bodies for funerals; Ninja Turtles reference; It was literally a cable from one ship to the other ship!; It was a really BIG rock; They didn't have the budget for overdubs; The Maximal chain of command is like a chore wheel; Superman-esque Optimus Primal; Questions!

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