Episode 15 - Oozing Sarcasm and Cyber Venom

Happy Saturday Beast Wars fans! 

Happy Belated Thanksgiving to our listeners in the US and hopefully no one has any Black Friday related injuries. Even if you did, nurse those wounds as you listen in to the crew as we review Episode 15 - The Spark!

This week we discuss: The return of Cheetor's prophetic dreams; The interesting story of Airazor; The Death Tally so far; Tricksy Hobbittses; Andy Serkis would be a perfect Waspinator; The Maximals have communicators like in Star Trek; Skyrim joke; Kendall recognizes acid when he sees it; Greg feels old talking about RDJ; Obligatory "What's New Pussy-Cat"; Greg gets his bug terminology mixed up; Black Arachnia has no neck!; The most accurate shot Cheetor has ever had; Origin of Sparks; Questions!

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