Episode 14 - A Sassy Sentinel

Happy Saturday Beast Wars fans! 

Looking for something to listen to while you are out and about this weekend? Well we have a great way for you to pass the time! We welcome our first 5-person episode with our friend, Eric! This week we review episode 14: Double Dinobot! 

In this episode we discuss: Our first 5 person episode!; He's a mechanical gorilla, he's a floating cape, they fight crime!; Eric's fanfiction ended very differently; John knows a vore connoisseur; DNA and...CNA?; Comparissons between japanese Beast Wars and the english dub of Digimon; Kendall doesn't like giving 300%; Greg works something in from the last episode; We lose Jordan for a couple of minutes!; Eric makes a better joke; Blending in with the non-existent animals; Return of the Surfing Rat; And then...Merv Griffin; Questions!

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