Episode 13 - Like you're 3 Gigabytes of Attitude on a 2 Gig Harddrive

Happy Veterans Day/Rememberance Day Long weekend folks! 

A lot has gone on this week but we are here to give you a brief reprieve with a fresh episode! This week the War and Beast Crew reviews episode 13: Dark Designs! Also bonus technical difficulties!

This week we discuss: Kendall is the designated hater; Greg doesn't even half-know French; The Crew reminisces about 90's internet; A quick lesson on kibble; We got tricked into talking about poop for 5 minutes; Yelling at podcasts; Johnny Bravo/Scooby-Doo crossover; Micheal Bay learned shaky cam from this episode; Further speculation that Rhinox is Eeyore; Bad puns; Cheetor is a little offensive; Optimus's dick move; Callback to the 4th law of Robotics; Wacko? No! Wonko! Wonko the Sane!; The History of Buffalo Wings; Scorponok hates smirkers; Predacons gloat too much; Indiana Jones reference!; Janky Animation and weird dialogue; Lone listener question :*(

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