Bonus Episode 1 - She starts axing them a question

Happy Monday Everyone! As a treat for listeners we review a special Halloween episode of Transformers Animated! Johnaphantom (John), Spookas (Special Guest Lucas) and Jordan (he doesn't do scary voices) watch Episode 9 of Season 1 entitled "Along came a Spider". So turn on the episode while you're out with your little Autobots and Decepticons tonight and have a Happy and Safe Halloween!

In this episode they cover: Halloween stories and costume discussion; Spooky vs Horror discussion; Optimus's PTSD trigger is stuffed spiders; Sentinel's alt-mode is a snow plow; Peter Cullen is...The Predator!; Detroit, one short step for super-villians to hop the border to Canada; Cupcake girl, the real hero of the series; Bumblebee is really fixated on the spider being black; Where would you plug it in? An ear, we'll go with an ear; Phrasing!

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