Episode 3 Part 1 - Kingdom Hearts I to Birth By Sleep

After a nearly two-year hiatus, I’m back to talk about a franchise known for similarly long delays: Kingdom Hearts. I’ve been an obsessive fan since the beginning, so I’ve brought along my friend Luke—who played/watched every KH game in just a few months—to offer a different perspective. I initially planned this as an overview of the entire franchise, but I ended up guiding us into a much more in-depth discussion of each game, so the whole thing ran far longer than I expected. So long, in fact, that I had to split it up between two episodes. In this first part, Luke and I talk about:

  • Kingdom Hearts I

  • Chain of Memories

  • Kingdom Hearts II

  • 358/2 Days

  • Birth By Sleep

If you want even more KH content, you can click there read a series of essays Luke wrote about his experience with each game.