Episode 45 - The Savage Time (Justice League S01E24-26)


It's time! For! The season one finale! Of! Justice League! That's right folks, today's episode means there's only... like, 300-some-odd episodes of the DCAU to go. Buckle your butts in for temporal shenanigans, as Kobik rewrites reality so that Nick Spencer never penned Secret Empire. As a result of this chrono-meddling, however, the earth's Nazi quotient actually somehow increases, and it's up to the time-and-reality-displaced leaguers to punch each and every one of them.

The boys on the watchtower try to maintain their sanity through the three-parter in order to indicate cogent thoughts through sensibly constructed sentences; they sort of succeed. Astute listeners may note that Cameron's audio is in fact an unabridged audiobook of a military encyclopedia. Rest assured, I did not put the wrong audio track in. This was all he talked about. Also, at one point everyone is really mean to Mitchell for no reason! What the heck, guys.

Your Komix Korner recommendation this week is Darkseid Special #1 (of the Jack Kirby 100 commemorative series) by Mark Evanier and Scott Kolins (among other contributing authors and artists).

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Episode 23 - The Brave and the Bold (Justice League S01E13-14)

The full crew returns for an extra-length episode filled with gorillas, mind control, and a concerted effort to kill Zack by the rest of the boys. We finally meet one of the DCAU's greatest villains, Grodd, and Flash finally begins to develop a little bit beyond simply being The Horniest Man Alive. Still pretty dang horny, though. We also discover the mysteries of Mitch's tortellini, go far too in depth on the history of gorillas and struggle to find a single motion picture that Cameron has actually seen.

Your Komix Korner/The Fuck You Read?'s recommendations for this week is The Old Guard by Greg Rucka and Leandro Fernandez.

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Our gorgeous album art was graciously made by Gustav Carlson, check out Gus' fantastic webcomic Tourist Unknown at touristunknown.com

Episode 17 - Paradise Lost (Justice League S01E08-09)

Hail and well met, adventurers! Due to budgetary concerns, the league find themselves scraping together all the loose animation frames they can find as they're sucked into episode writer Joseph Kuhr's D&D campaign. And I mean why not? It's got a giant snake in it!

During today's Wonder Woman-centric episode, Mitchell shares a story of snow day heroics, Cameron dons his dungeon master hat to critique Felix Faust's wizarding tactics (but praise Hades' villainous rhetoric), and Graham becomes indignant that baka gaijin continue to interpret Hades' as villainous at all. [music continues]

Your Komix Korner/The Fuck You Read?'s recommendation for this week is Kingdom Come, by "Wet" Mark Waid and Alex Ross.

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Episode 6 - Secret Origins (Justice League S01E01-E03)

After dredging through the wasteland, we have found civilization. The Justice League is here. And alongside the World's Greatest Superheroes is a bunch of comics talk, terrifying body horror and  guest appearances from friend of the show Michael Caine, Geoff and Johns, and two different versions of President John F. Kennedy!

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