Episode 39 - P.O.V. (Batman: The Animated Series S0107)

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It was supposed to be an ordinary podcast... but it didn't stay that way. Somethin' happened, somethin' that nobody seems able--or willing--to explain, and the Watchtower boys were left with their asses in hand and a handful of corrupted audio files, also, in their hands. Now I'm here--not to put anything else in their hands, but to sift through the rubble and discover which of these four chumps is responsible for the audio event which knocked everybody's favorite DCAU podcast off-schedule. Cause one of 'em... ain't tellin' the truth.

During the course of my investigation the suspects will opine on contemporary Spider-Man cinema, Castlevania's monster content, tommy gun composition, and a multitude of other incriminating topics. The Batted Man of Gotham also makes an appearance, if you even believe in that old hoax.

Your Komix Korner recommendation this week is My Hero Academia by Kohei Horikoshi. Also whatever's in your local funny papers; it's workmanlike stuff but it still takes skill.

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