Episode 55 - Disappearing Inque (Batman Beyond S01E11)

disappering inque.png

Hope you all like unexpected body horror cause OH BOY DO WE HAVE IT THIS WEEK. Inque is back on Batman Beyond and this time she's brought along her good friend, William H. Macy.

As Inque enacts her plan to kill both Batmen, Terry realizes he doesn't know very much about Bruce or the Batman legacy. Between the heroics and horrors, Zack, Mitch and Cameron talk about what the hell Mitch is eating on mic, Cameron's fictional country he designed currency for and why Zack has a life-long fear of Jon Voight.

This week's Komics Korner is Justice League by Scott Snyder and Jim Cheung. 

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Komic Korner music, "Paris Ballad", provided by Dana Boulé via the Creative Commons License. Check out her work here: 

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Episode 9 - Black Out (Batman Beyond S01E03)

Y'all ready to get weird? We return to the far-flung future of the DCAU as Terry McGinnis takes on his first legitimate, and sexy, supervillain: Inque! In between discovering bold new fetishes, the crew talks about Westworld, Graham's inexhaustible parade of cartoon lady crushes, the sport of FutureBall and Mitch won't stop EATING HIS GODDAMN HUMMUS.

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