Bonus Episode 8 - Green Arrow (Arrow S04E01)

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Just because the rest of the watchtower is busy and Mitchell is home with his sick infant doesn't mean there can't be an episode of the podcast, right? Right?!? It turns out that the answer to that question, dearest listener, is a resounding "I guess it depends on your definition of 'podcast'." 

Today Mitchell has recorded an episode about the CW smash hit "Arrow," which for the uninitiated, is a show about Arrowman. Mitchell did not watch episode one of the fourth season of Arrow before recording this episode, but he definitely turns it on during the recording. His cohosts aren't here today, but his child is! His child cannot talk.

This is labeled a bonus episode, but it'd probably help expectations if you thought of it as more of an... extra episode. Like, "Woah! I thought there was no episode this week, but here's this thing. I guess that's a net positive."

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