Episode 17 - Paradise Lost (Justice League S01E08-09)

Hail and well met, adventurers! Due to budgetary concerns, the league find themselves scraping together all the loose animation frames they can find as they're sucked into episode writer Joseph Kuhr's D&D campaign. And I mean why not? It's got a giant snake in it!

During today's Wonder Woman-centric episode, Mitchell shares a story of snow day heroics, Cameron dons his dungeon master hat to critique Felix Faust's wizarding tactics (but praise Hades' villainous rhetoric), and Graham becomes indignant that baka gaijin continue to interpret Hades' as villainous at all. [music continues]

Your Komix Korner/The Fuck You Read?'s recommendation for this week is Kingdom Come, by "Wet" Mark Waid and Alex Ross.

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