Episode 58 - Sons of the Fathers (Static Shock S01E08)

static racism.png

Joined by first-time guest Frankie, of Let's Steal a Podcast, Zack, Mitch and Cameron join Virgil and Richie for a very special Static Shock about Richie's racist-ass father.

Virgil stays the night at Richie's house for the first time, having his first real run-in with racism and learning a good deal from his father, and show MVP, Papa Hawkins along the way. Also, the Metabreed are here and Fruit Brute might be back! We don't know!

Alongside the genuinely good and surprisingly well constructed episode, the gang talks about Wrestling Phone Games, Overwatch's newest hero and Cameron makes a disturbing connection to My Hero Academia.

Your Komix Korner recommendation this week are Delicious in Dungeon by Ryoko Kui, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories by Shino Amano and Moonstruck by Grace Ellis, Shae Beagle and Kate Leth.

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