Episode 45 - The Savage Time (Justice League S01E24-26)


It's time! For! The season one finale! Of! Justice League! That's right folks, today's episode means there's only... like, 300-some-odd episodes of the DCAU to go. Buckle your butts in for temporal shenanigans, as Kobik rewrites reality so that Nick Spencer never penned Secret Empire. As a result of this chrono-meddling, however, the earth's Nazi quotient actually somehow increases, and it's up to the time-and-reality-displaced leaguers to punch each and every one of them.

The boys on the watchtower try to maintain their sanity through the three-parter in order to indicate cogent thoughts through sensibly constructed sentences; they sort of succeed. Astute listeners may note that Cameron's audio is in fact an unabridged audiobook of a military encyclopedia. Rest assured, I did not put the wrong audio track in. This was all he talked about. Also, at one point everyone is really mean to Mitchell for no reason! What the heck, guys.

Your Komix Korner recommendation this week is Darkseid Special #1 (of the Jack Kirby 100 commemorative series) by Mark Evanier and Scott Kolins (among other contributing authors and artists).

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