Bonus Episode 8 - Green Arrow (Arrow S04E01)

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Just because the rest of the watchtower is busy and Mitchell is home with his sick infant doesn't mean there can't be an episode of the podcast, right? Right?!? It turns out that the answer to that question, dearest listener, is a resounding "I guess it depends on your definition of 'podcast'." 

Today Mitchell has recorded an episode about the CW smash hit "Arrow," which for the uninitiated, is a show about Arrowman. Mitchell did not watch episode one of the fourth season of Arrow before recording this episode, but he definitely turns it on during the recording. His cohosts aren't here today, but his child is! His child cannot talk.

This is labeled a bonus episode, but it'd probably help expectations if you thought of it as more of an... extra episode. Like, "Woah! I thought there was no episode this week, but here's this thing. I guess that's a net positive."

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Bonus Episode 7 - Batman Ninja


Buckle up, folks 'cause this one gets BONKERS. Joined by Legends of the Watchtower team member, and friend of the show, Emily, Graham, Zack and Cameron are here to walk you through the most insane, visually stunning and just plain fun movie they've watched for the show.

Produced by an all-star all-Japanese creative team, Batman Ninja throws Batman and pals into feudal Japan, along with Gorilla Grodd, Joker, Harley Quinn and a bunch of other villains and that's the most coherent way Zack could think of to describe this 90 minute fever dream of a movie.

Amidst the chaos, the crew manages to talk about their Bat-Family preferences, the best possible Justice League anime and discovers everyone's new friend: Monkichi!

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Legends of the Watchtower - Issue 3: Hell Toupee (Masks actual play)

The team-name-to-be-determined teens we know and love return, in this third issue of derring-do and daring 'do's! Allison Addison AKA Potentia comes face-to-face with iconic and imposing former hero Faraday Us (mayoral candidate) in his sky-high spire, Charlatan and Peregrine II's detective work sets a most clobbersome comedy in motion, and the Iron Curtain commutes to work!!! 

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Legends of the Watchtower - Issue 2: Other Dimensions (Masks actual play)

Behold! There, in the window of the comic’d shop! Why, it’s the second issue of Legends of the Watchtower, our actual play bonus podcast of the roleplaying game Masks! Yes, dear reader-listeners, the tale of teens continues in this audio file. MARVEL as our young heroes live their un-masked lives--TREMBLE as Mitchell introduces an accidentally, extremely convoluted piece of background information that might be relevant two story arcs from now--EMPATHIZE with our heroes, as they endure advice and admonishment from their elders! Those are the three verbs you may do. Wait, no, you can also WAIT PATIENTLY for our heroes to roll some dice! (I swear one of them rolls at some point. Listen, it’s just easy to get caught up in the scene, folks.)

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Legends of the Watchtower - Issue 1: The Heroes of Tomorrow (Masks actual play)

The oft-alluded-to secret bonus project arrives! Join us, friends, as Zack, Graham, Cameron, and Emily embark on a tabletop adventure cooked up in the E-Z bake oven that is Mitchell's mind. We're playing Masks, a narrative-first roleplaying system designed by Brendan Conway which captures the spirit of everyone's favorite teen-team superheroism. I'm talking your Young Justice, your Runaways, your New Mutants; come and listen, as our hosts step into the sneakers of Halcyon City's empowered and angsty youth! One of the heroes has a rude tude--but I won't spoil which one! That's all the info you get in this blurb, suckers. You gotta listen to the episode itself for the good stuff.

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Bonus Episode 5 - Mailbag: Rebirth


Hey y'all! We couldn't get our dumb schedules to overlap this week, so to tide you over until our next great DCAU installment, we've got our first ever mailbag episode!

That's right! Just over an hour of us forming technically coherent answers to questions you, dear listener, asked! Joining us in this endeavor is friend of the show and first-ever two-time guest: Emily! Sub-par audio quality is due to having to use our back-up for Graham-related reasons. 

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Bonus Episode 2 - Invasion of the Secret Santas! (Batman: The Brave and the Bold S01E04)

Happy Holidays, y'all! We got you a BONUS EPISODE! Sorry, you can't return it for store credit. In the spirit of the season, Zack, Graham and Mitch watched the wonderful Christmas episode of the always amazing Batman: The Brave and the Bold. In between the fistfights with Santa robots and Batman reindeer chases we discuss our sordid childhood Christmas habits, the similarities between highly advanced androids and the common duck and Graham is overtaken by the Spirit of Christmas itself! Plus, Michael Caine returns! For, like, a whole minute!

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Bonus Episode 1 - Batman: Under the Red Hood

IT'S A BONUS EPISODE, NERDS. After a long delay, you can finally hear Zack, Graham and Mitch discuss fan-favorite Batman flick, Under the Red Hood! It's very good! Mitch reminds us of this several times. In between the familial angst and shocking reveals, we discuss what makes a good Joker, whether Ra's Al Ghul is a secret Dracula and how many wrestling references is too many! (It is one, one is too many.)

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