Episode 64 - Junior (Static Shock S01E09)


Mitch has returned to the podcast just in time to discuss both the best episode of Static Shock yet and a bunch of dicks. Like, a lot.

Virgil runs head first into some classic teenage superhero secret identity drama while his nemesis, Edwin Alva, runs into his own crisis: as his son, Edwin Junior, has given himself super powers and is destroying his company in a very poorly advised plea for attention! Seriously, this episode is really good and one of our favorites so far.

Aside from singing the episode’s praises, the guys still found time to discuss the previously mentioned genitals, be surprisingly into Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker, stop Cameron from eating actual literal poison live on mic and experience the grossest thing yet on the show. You have been warned. Mitch and Zack, however, were not.

Your Komix Korner recommendations this week are AXIS: Carnage and AXIS: Hobgoblin by Rick Spears, Alexander Losano, Kevin Schinick and Javier Rodriguez and Seven to Eternity by Rick Remender and Jerome Opena.

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