Episode 60 - See No Evil (Batman: The Animated Series S01E17)


The gang's all here as Zero has granted Mitch a reprieve from parenting duty to watch a surprisingly great episode of BTAS: See No Evil!

Batman throws down with an invisible ne'er do well, with a little girl's life on the line. For an episode some of the gang had never heard of and featuring no notable villains, it was really great! What was not so great was Pearl Necklaces, Cameron's sniffles and Zack barely being able to keep his microphone on his desk. The same level of quality you've come to expect from your favorite (?) DCAU Podcast.

Your Komix Korner recommendations this week are Superman/Shazam: First Thunder by Judd Winnick and Joshua Middleton, Mr. and Mrs. X by Kelley Thompson and Oscar Bazaldua and Modern Fantasy by Rafer Roberts and Kristen Gudsnuk.

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