Episode 62 - Hicksburg (The Zeta Project S01E07)


The gang is stuck hanging out with Zeta and Ro this week, but something's....off. Could this episode be....good? No! But, could it be....alright? Turns out, yeah, it could. Zeta is in disguise as superstar Adam HeatBeach and Ro gets some genuine character development, as the two of them go to her small childhood home of HillBROUGH.

Through the episode, Mitch is tempted by the siren call of wrestling and gunpla, Zack is deep in the throes of a WoW addiction and Cameron nearly shares his porn collection with everyone!

Apologies for some crackle-y audio, we had some hot mics this episode.

Your Komix Korner recommendation this week is Thor by Jason Aaron and Mike Del Mundo.

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