Episode 52 - It's Never Too Late (Batman: The Animated Series S01E12)

never too late.png

It's Never Too Late....to record a podcast! The Watchtower Gang is back for a more recently recorded episode to get this podcast train back onto it's sepia toned tracks. Zack's back in the host chair, which leaves the rest of the boys free to profess their love of cannolis, talk about Archie Andrews' history with meth and enjoy the gift of new fatherhood.

In Gotham City, Batman is a minor player this week as the bulk of the story focuses on two old mob bosses and homaging as many old movies as the writers could manage. Head's up, at the end of the episode they boys discuss their thoughts on Avengers: Infinity War. Spoiler alert: everyone thought Doctor Strange ruled.

Your Komix Korner recommendations this week are Thanos Wins by Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw and The Death of Captain Marvel by Jim Starlin and Steve Engleheart.

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