Episode 40 - They're Playing My Song (Static Shock S01E05)

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What's that, All Might? You want ME to inherit your tremendous power?! Gosh, and on the same day that I was crowned king of my hotel after Danny Rand bought a controlling stake in it... zzz... Oh, hey everyone. Graham, Cameron, and Mitchell here, using a device our close personal friend, Batman, invented to listen in on Zack's dreams. They're quite extravagant but a bit predictable. Intrepid host Zack is accidentally asleep while we're podcasting, you see, so we just wanted to check in through the power of Wayne Enterprises technology and make sure he's doing okay.

While Zack gets his beauty rest, the rest of us are enjoying an episode of Static Shock, ish. It's not a bad one, really! Rubberband Man exists now, and the world is enriched by his plucky verve and creative shapeshifting. The three of us, however, struggle to form a misshapen host-like form suitable for podcasting, eventually managing to talk Spider-Man (again!), start a book review pod-in-pod, and mourn the lost art of Crank Yanking.

Your Komix Korner recommendation this week is Planetary by Warren Ellis and John Cassaday.

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