Episode 18 - The Way of All Flesh (Superman: The Animated Series S01E07)

We're back in Metropolis this week, and this time we've got continuity! Join us as we follow the body horror filled descent into a metal hell that is the life of John Corben, aka Metallo. What could have driven a wealthy mercenary to a life where he can't go to the bone zone? Prooooobably Lex Luthor, this is a Superman show after all.

We also discuss Zack's complete lack of tolerance for scary movies, Cameron's role as THE BIBLE GUY, Mitch's illicit Christmas Tree Crimes and an in depth analysis of 2017 Royal Rumble Winner Randall Keith Orton's RKO.

Your Komix Korner/The Fuck You Read?'s recommendation for this week is Descender, by Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen.

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