Legends of the Watchtower - Issue 2: Other Dimensions (Masks actual play)

Behold! There, in the window of the comic’d shop! Why, it’s the second issue of Legends of the Watchtower, our actual play bonus podcast of the roleplaying game Masks! Yes, dear reader-listeners, the tale of teens continues in this audio file. MARVEL as our young heroes live their un-masked lives--TREMBLE as Mitchell introduces an accidentally, extremely convoluted piece of background information that might be relevant two story arcs from now--EMPATHIZE with our heroes, as they endure advice and admonishment from their elders! Those are the three verbs you may do. Wait, no, you can also WAIT PATIENTLY for our heroes to roll some dice! (I swear one of them rolls at some point. Listen, it’s just easy to get caught up in the scene, folks.)

If you haven’t listened to the first issue yet, you should do that! But we do give a brief recap-cum-end-of-session-wrap-up at the beginning of this session, because that makes sense to do.

As always, feel free to shoot us an email at allalongthewatchtowerpodcast@gmail.com or on Twitter at @watchtowerdcau.

Except where noted otherwise or it's extremely obvious, the music in this episode was made by Mitchell! Tell him if you liked it, but only if you liked it. 

Our gorgeous album art was graciously made by Gustav Carlson, check out Gus' fantastic webcomic Tourist Unknown at touristunknown.com

Episode art pulled from the Masks core playbook and used under the Creative Commons License; it was illustrated by Michael Lee Lunsford for Magpie Games.