Legends of the Watchtower - Issue 1: The Heroes of Tomorrow (Masks actual play)

The oft-alluded-to secret bonus project arrives! Join us, friends, as Zack, Graham, Cameron, and Emily embark on a tabletop adventure cooked up in the E-Z bake oven that is Mitchell's mind. We're playing Masks, a narrative-first roleplaying system designed by Brendan Conway which captures the spirit of everyone's favorite teen-team superheroism. I'm talking your Young Justice, your Runaways, your New Mutants; come and listen, as our hosts step into the scuzzy and/or stylish sneakers of Halcyon City's empowered and angsty youth! One of the heroes has a rude 'tude--but I won't spoil which one! That's all the info you get in this blurb, suckers. You gotta listen to the episode itself for the good stuff.

Editing note: there's a brief period during character introductions where we had to use our slightly lower-quality backup audio to cover for a computer mishap, but the audio quality is restored shortly afterward.

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Except where noted otherwise or it's extremely obvious, the music in this episode was made by Mitchell! Tell him if you liked it, but only if you liked it. 

Our Technical Difficulties Music, "Organ Grinder Swing" by chēēZ π via the Creative Commons License. Check out their work here: freemusicarchive.org/music/chZ_/

Our gorgeous album art was graciously made by Gustav Carlson, check out Gus' fantastic webcomic Tourist Unknown at touristunknown.com

Episode art pulled from the Masks core playbook and used under the Creative Commons License; it was illustrated by Michael Lee Lunsford for Magpie Games.